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What the FUCK!?

2009-07-07 20:28:53 by Steak89

I wrote a scathing reply to a shitty parody thread this morning. Now I'm banned from posting for a day! Just for making a post in a thread that was later labeled as spam. To top it off, this is (WAS) my last day on the BBS before going to a non-internet place for a week. This would have been my last day of posting before saying goodbye, and now I'm shit out of luck. Just for writing a small, "fuck-you" reply in a parody thread. I hate Newgrounds!


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2009-07-07 22:10:11

Cool story bro

Steak89 responds:

That response sucked.


2009-07-08 01:53:51

If you hate it then Get the fuck off of it >.>